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The objective of this assignment is to enhance individual student’s skills in developing a research instrument and research methodology when conducting a marketing research study.




From Assignment 1, you have identified a consumer-related issue of your choice. You have also in Assignment 1, outline a brief research proposal on research objectives, research design , sample plan and data collection plan. Following from this, since you have identified a type of research approach that is either a qualitative or quantities approach, you need to design a research instrument and a proposed data analysis plan that will help you execute your proposal. Therefore, you are required to write a report by using these guidelines:


1. Develop a research instrument based on the following :

a. If you have decided on a qualitative approach then your method of data collection will be

either as personal interviews, focus group interviews, observations or case study design. You

need to develop a questionnaire with a list of protocol questions accordingly. Please design

your protocol questions for interviews / observations with your research objectives in mind.

As an example in an interview, you need to develop opening questions to introduce yourself

and objectives of the research study to the respondents of your sample.

b. Or if you have decided on a quantitative approach then your method of data collection will

be in the form of a questionnaire survey. Therefore, you will need to develop a list of items

that will be in a questionnaire. Please design your list of items in the questionnaire with your

research objectives in mind. As an example, you need to develop descriptive type of

questions to obtain a demographic profile of your respondents in your sample.


2. Develop a proposed data analysis plan.

Your proposed data analysis plan needs to have the following contents :

a. an outline briefly describing on how (strategies) that a researcher can use to minimize


b. an outline identifying and detailing steps needed in data analysis;

c. For a quantitative analysis, give a detailed description of the type of analyses that you intend to use. For examples, types of descriptive statistics and / or inferential statistics that you as a researcher intend to use with justifications. For example, you decide to use a simple means test on ages of your respondents as you believe that age of a respondent will affect

respondent’s behaviour such as awareness of consumer rights;

d. For a qualitative analysis, give a detailed description of how you intend to analyse your data .

For example, you could review your data and discover that there are recurring patterns on

specific types of channels of consumer complaints .



The objective of this assignment is to enhance individual student’s skills in developing a problem definition and a research proposal when conducting a marketing research study.




You are a Public Services & Diplomatic officer in the Research Unit of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. You have been assigned by your immediate superior to investigate on consumer issues faced by many consumers in Yemen. You need to write a report on ONE consumer issue (for example, consumer complaints, consumer rights) in Yemen. From your literature search and / or from your own professional or personal experiences, you would come across many issues faced by consumers.

For example, literature indicates that one consumer-related problem faced by many consumers in this country is that consumers are aware of their rights but is unable to know which is the right channel that they can complain. In this assignment, you are required to focus on ONE issue and then develop a concise yet succulent problem definition related to an issue of your choice. Furthermore, you need to give a marketing research proposal on how conducting research on the problem that you have identified can result in either alleviating or improving the situation.

You have to use these guidelines to structure your assignment :


1. Develop a problem statement based on the following :

a. Issues faced by the consumers in Yemen – decide on ONE major problem faced by

consumers in Yemen. You need to search and review literature on that consumer issues of

your choice because in the journal articles / publications that you have read there would be

many issues outlined. You need to identify only ONE issue or problem. Furthermore, your

issue or problem needs to be consumer-related. Consumer-related problems can be in areas

focused in customer complaint behaviour, consumer rights, Consumer NGO’s, Consumer related Government policies & legislation, Consumer tribunals, etc. as examples.

b. After deciding, which is the main issue or problem faced by consumers, give justifications on why you think (supported by literature that you have read) that this issue or problem that

needs to be overcome.


2. Develop a brief marketing research proposal on how you would overcome this problem.

a. Your marketing research proposal needs to have the following contents :

i. a brief outline briefly research objectives (the purpose of why you are conducting

this research)

ii. a brief outline identifying a research design that encompasses these elements: type

of approach (Qualitative and/or Qualitative), types of research design, (causal,

descriptive, exploratory etc.), identification of sources and types of information

collected (primary and/or secondary, how do you intend to collect the information

and period of collection), proposed sample plan & size, and a sample of a time frame

by the use of a Gantt Chart of a time period in which you intend to conduct the

market research study.

b. Provide justifications for all of the above as in question 2a. For example, in the previous

example of the problem of consumers being aware of their rights but unable to find the right

channel to complaint , if you plan to use a qualitative approach by interviewing consumers ,

you need to give reasons on why a qualitative approach would be the best approach to solve

this problem and what you hope to discover from the answers of consumers (respondents).

Your justifications can be based on your rationale and logic but needs to be supported by


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This project mainly focuses on finding one of the most common consumer related issues that are been faced by them in Yemen. The issues will be discussed to know their intensity and what are possible chances for them to exist in the future. The project through proper literature review will make it easy to understand the effects and reasons of such issues. In the research proposal, the methods that will be used in the research work will be discussed with proper evaluation the research design, data collection method and sampling techniques.

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