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Product code Research-PH471

Develop a position paper applying public finance and public choice to a contemporary topic in the field utilizing the existing literature. Papers are expected to be 10 pages in length (excluding the cover and citation page). Papers are due April 16th at 11:55 PM. All papers will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn.

*Paper Formatting Requirements (No Exceptions)*

• Formatted in accordance with the formatting requirements for theJournal of Private Enterprise

• PDF saved as Students Last Name_Students First Name_Course Number (i.e. Smith_Daniel_ECO7430)

• Times New Roman font

• 12 pt font

• Double spaced (no additional spaces between paragraphs)

• 1 inch margins

• Separate title page with name, abstract, JEL codes, and keywords

• Separate citation page

Topic: property rights

Expectations  on the paper

I would expect you to see you summarize the literature on property rights (from multiple perspectives and metholdogies) and take, and defend, a position. These resources may be helpful for getting you started:




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In this analysis, the detailed description of the property rights has been highlighted. Through the detailed analysis, the legal origin of USA property rights has been discussed and its impact on the liberty and private property has been suitably highlighted. The impact of contracting institution on property rights has also been discussed. In the discussion, it is analyzed that the success of an economy depends totally on the successful implementation of property rights and its maintenance. The description has also highlighted the legal aspect of USA property rights and the impact of different contracting institutions on its economy. Through appropriate solutions, the recommendation on this topic has been appropriately suggested. The analysis described the success of an economy depends on the suitable implementation of the property rights of a particular country.

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