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1.Summarize the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) evaluation of thermal stress in the workplace. Explain what each of the three measurements assesses about thermal stress, and discuss how the readings are evaluated using the two WBGT formulae. 

Your answer must be a minimum of 75 words in length.

2.Provide a definition and a brief explanation of each of the following meters, and detail how each meter might be used to evaluate physical hazards in the workplace: dynamometer, accelerometer, and goniometer. 

Your answer must be a minimum of 75 words in length.

3.Briefly describe the method you would use to evaluate the risk of a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) at an operation where a worker on an assembly line uses a pneumatic screwdriver to repetitively insert a screw into a door panel. Discuss how your method can affect the accuracy and precision of your data. 

Your answer must be a minimum of 75 words in length.

4.Briefly discuss the difficulties associated with the evaluation of non-ionizing radiation sources. Summarize the methods that can be used for the evaluation of non-ionizing radiation in the workplace. Include a statement as to which method you believe would be the most reliable for evaluating infrared radiation exposures, and discuss how your method can affect the accuracy and precision of your data. 

Your answer must be a minimum of 75 words in length.

5.Thinking about an organization, what are some of the musculoskeletal disorders that are/were most commonly seen? What are some methods that you can think of that might prevent or might have prevented such disorders?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.


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1. Thermal stress in workplaces and WBGT specifications Wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) has three measurement areas namely dry bulb temperature, WT bulb temperature and black globe temperature. Ordinary air thermometers are associated with wet bulb temperature. Ambient or natural air temperature is associated with dry bulb temperature. Black globe temperature is obtained when black globe thermometer is used. Air moisture is measured through wet bulb temperature. A high temperature in this regard would incur a negative thermal stressor on workers since when air moisture is high, body cannot get rid of heat through the way of early sweating. High temperature as otherwise can incur stress to the workers if workers are not acclimated properly. Black globe temperature is measuring infrared and solar radiation. WBGT can be determined through following formula: WBGT = 0.7Tw+0.2Tg+0.1Td where Tw is temperature of wet bulb indicating humidity, Tg is globe temperature indicating radiant heat and Td is dry air temperature (Cooperet al. 2017).

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