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1Q-genetic change in a population or species over generations.

2Q-the chronicle of evolution over millions of years of geological change engraved in the order in which fossils appear in rock strata.

3Q-the study of the body structures in different organisms.

4Q-structures that are similar in different species of common ancestry.

5Q-Differential success in the reproduction of different phenotypes resulting from the interaction of organisms with their environment. Evolution occurs when natural selection causes changes in relative frequencies of alleles in the gene pool. 
survival of the fittest.

6Q-the selective breeding of organisms by humans for specific characteristics.

7Q-A group of individuals that belong to the same species and live in the same area.

8Q-all the genes in a population at any one time.

9Q-Change in allele frequencies in a population over generations.

10Q-the change in frequencies of an existing gene due to the random sampling of organisms.

11Q-a shark reduction in a population size due to environmental or human events.

12Q-the effect on the resulting gene pool when a new isolated small population with limited genetic variation.

13Q-the gain or loss of alleles from a population by the movement of individuals or gametes into or out of the population.

14Q-Greater reproductive success of heterozygous individuals compared to homozygotes; tends to preserve variation in gene pools.

15Q-Natural selection that favors intermediate variants by acting against extreme phenotypes.

16Q-when both extremes are favored over common traits.

17Q-a population or group of populations whose members can interbreed and produce fertile offspring.

18Q-a cluster of organisms that share a common lineage of decent.

19Q-a biological feature of a species that prevents interbreeding with species even when population live together.

20Q-barriers that prevent mating or fertilization between species.

21Q-mating and flowering occurs at different times for species.

22Q-species breed in different habitats.

23Q-little to know sexual attraction between individuals or species.

24Q-structural differences between species prevent pollen transfer.

25Q-male and/or female gametes die before uniting with gametes of other species or they fail to unite.

26Q-barriers that operate after zygotes are formed, but prevent the development of fertile adults.

27Q-parent genes arent compatible, hybrid zygotes dont survive.

28Q-hybrids mature but are unable to reproduce.

29Q-F1 are viable and fertile but F2 are feeble and/or sterile.

30Q-a population separated into two or more geographical barriers.

31Q-I'm pretty sure its the same thing as geographical isolation.

32Q-reproductive isolation develops and new species arise without geographical isolation gene changes.

33Q-accidents in cell division that results in extra sets of chromosomes


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1Q-genetic change in a population or species over generations. 1A-evolution

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