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1Q. What are photons?

2Q. What is the name given to the type of light that our eyes absorb?

3Q. What two main colors of light do most plant leaves absorb

4Q. Why do plant leaves appear green?

5Q. What are pigments?

6Q. What is chlorophyll and what are the names of the two types?

7Q. Which part of the spectrum has the most energy? Why?

8Q. What happens when atoms in a pigment absorb light?

9Q. What happens in a redox reaction? Explain thoroughly.

10Q. Why is it said that "Every oxidation involves a reduction"?

11Q. Where are chlorophyll pigment molecules found? Be specific.

12Q. Where are the light reaction's electron transport chains found in the plant?

13Q. Where does the entire process of photosynthesis take place?

14Q. Write the chemical formula for the photosynthesis reaction. Label the reactants and the products.

15Q. Name the two main stages of photosynthesis and tell where each takes place.

16Q. What are the reactants involved in only the light reactions?

17Q. What are the products resulting from only the light reactions?

18Q. When a water molecule splits, what happens to the H+ ions?

19Q. When a water molecule splits, what happens to the electrons?

20Q. When a water molecule splits, what happens to the oxygen? Through what structure does the oxygen leave the plant?

21Q. Describe what happens to electrons in the electron transport chain.

22Q. Where does the proton pump get energy to transport protons (H+)?

23Q. Does the proton pump take protons out of the thylakoid or bring them into the thylakoid?https://quizlet.com/83127078/spacerace

24Q. How many times does an electron get boosted to a higher energy level during the light reactions of photosynthesis?

25Q. Where is NADPH formed--in the stroma or inside the thylakoid?

26Q. Where does the ATP synthase enzyme get the energy to make the bonds of an ATP molecule and what is the process called when the ATP is made?

27Q. Give an example of passive and active transport involved in photosynthesis.

28Q. What happens to the ATP and NADPH molecules produced during the light reactions?

29Q. Where does the Calvin cycle take place?

30Q. List three molecules used in the Calvin cycle to produce sugars.

31Q. What molecule provides the energy for the Calvin cycle?

32Q. How many cycles of the Calvin cycle does it take to make one glucose molecule?

33Q. What role does NADPH play in the Calvin cycle?

34Q. Why is the Calvin cycle considered a cycle?

35Q. When the Calvin cycle occurs twice, what macromolecule is the end product?

36Q. What is the general formula for this macromolecule?

37Q. What is carbon fixation?

38Q. What happens to ADP and NADP+ molecules generated during the Calvin cycle?


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1Q. What are photons? 1A-Particles in light that store a certain amount of energy.

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