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Product Code:- Sociology-PH138

Paper Requirement: Choose a Canadian issue or event covered in a newspaper article (article must be recent – published this school term). Any topic covered in any section of the newspaper (politics, business, sports, culture etc) is acceptable provided that it pertains to Canadian context (is relevant to Canadians/happens in Canada). Using one of the main sociological perspectives (functionalist, conflict, symbolic interactionist or feminist) analyze this issue. Papers are due in Week 13 without exception. Papers should be between 6-7 pages in length, excluding cover page and bibliography (double-spaced, 12 point font).

You must use the textbook, the newspaper article, plus 3 additional legitimate sources. ACCEPTABLE: chapters in books, journal articles, substantial magazine articles. NOT ACCEPTABLE: Anonymous sources, Associated Press news stories, blogs, lectures notes (mine or anyone else’s), websites, unpublished manuscripts (even if held in library holdings). Your sources must be authored, published and current (ie. published within the last 8 years). Sources must be listed using the APA format (url addresses only are not acceptable).

Text book name:  he textbook is Sociology by james M Henslin ,Dan Glenday ,Norene pupo Ann Duffy A DOWN -TO -EARCH APPROACH SIXTH CANADIAN EDITION


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The current assignment focuses on an intricate and acute issue revolving Canada’s lawsuit on euthanasia. This case study is mooted on the experience of a Canadian man who had a suicidal tendency with a central pain syndrome caused by his crippling brain disease, being threatened by an Ontario hospital of charging him $1,800 every day. The apathy of the government in treating mentally unstable individuals in the state has been discussed in the following along with the callous approach of healthcare professionals in the context of interactionist theory.

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