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1.Read “Alienated Labour” by Karl Marx (in Modules 1 and     2). https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1844/manuscripts/labour.htm

2.     Select two or three (2-3) additional articles from your own reading of contemporary work in America. You may choose any articles from reputable sources on the contemporary work world (ask your instructor for assistance here).

3.     In a 500-750 word paper, write a paper regarding Marx’s theory and apply it to the articles selected and your own work experiences.

4.     Use Marx’s “Alienated Labour” to better understand the work discussed in the selected readings. Choose articles carefully. The quality of your paper will be dependent upon how well the research discussed in the readings can be, and is in fact, related to Marx.

5.     Marx’s theory of alienation may or may not apply to your own work experiences. Provide a short narrative of one relevant work experience and illustrate how it either supports or fails to support Marx’s theory.

6.     The paper should illustrate that you understand, can communicate and are able to accurately apply Marx’s theory.

7.     Use YOUR OWN WORDS to thoroughly explain Marx’s theory and the articles you have selected. DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES. You must be able to demonstrate an ability to understand and distill the material. Quoting the author directly does not demonstrate that you understand the material, only that you can link quotes together. Note that this does not mean that you do not cite. When you put an author’s research findings, theories, or ideas into your own words, you must still cite their research.

8.     Requirements: 500-750 words


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Estranged Labour Marx had very well described in his article the difference that society so easily does between the labor as the person and also as the object. This person or the living being is only secondary and very less cared upon with the object of his creation gaining more importance to the level that at a point of time the well-being of the subject or the labor becomes something that is not even paid any slightest heed to. In the article of Walmart, we can see though is the retail giant of a world which is increasing the labor policies every day it remains medieval. The labor starting from the US office to that of China suffers from poorer than the normal working condition with even cases erupting of people relieving their bodily functions in bottles because of lack of time to go to the washroom. The pay is below normal. On the other hand, the products that are procured by Walmart is always of the highest quality with heavy impetus being paid upon keeping it up to date and most attractive to the customers that will buy them. This huge gap in the importance given to the lifeless product to the laborer or staff who is maintaining it is a sorry example only ratifying Marx idea even in the modern world.

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