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1Q-social conditions associated with teens that have infrequent family dinners

2Q-social conditions associated with children who take part in family dinners

3Q-universal element of courtship


5Q-homogamous characteristics of courtships

6Q-cohabitation patterns after 1 year

7Q-cohabitation patterns after 3 years



10Q-what percentage of all marriages are arranged?

11Q-beneficial functions of arranged marriages

12Q-social factors that produce different divorce rates between arranged marriage and love marriages



15Q-basic functions of all families

16Q-risks of single parent families

17Q-childfree women and men


19Q-childless women

20Q-4 most commonly recognized styles of parenting

21Q-helicopter parenting

22Q-free range parenting

23Q-industrial revolution impact on divorce

24Q-sociologist identified predictors of divorce

25Q-impact of divorce on children

26Q-US rank of teen pregnancy compared other nations

27Q-teen pregnancy as a personal trouble and public issue

28Q-role of television, music, and movies in teen pregnancy

29Q-divorce as a personal trouble and public issue

30Q-2 demographic changes that have worked to reshape the family

31Q-impact of cohabitation on the family

32QUS maternity leave policy compared to other nations

33Q-divorce less divorces

34Q-flash divorces


36Q-how is health socially constructed?

37Q-how is illness defined by time and place?

38Q-examples of contested illnesses

39Q-how can drug company marketing enlarge the symptoms of disorders?

40Q-top 10 leading causes of death in 1900

41Q-top 10 leading causes of death in 2014

42Q-leading cause of preventable death and disease in the US

43Q-sick role

44Q-sick role rights and responsibilities

45Q-impact of social class on health and illness

46Q-impact of sex and gender on health and illness

47Q-impact of race on ethnicity on health and illness

48Q-hispanic mortality paradox

49Q-how was the Affordable health Care Act (ACA) impacted the percentage of insured?

50Q-in 2015, what percentage of employers offered health insurance




54Q-socialized medicine

55Q-characteristics of the UK, Swedish, and German health care systems

56Q-medical tourism


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1Q-social conditions associated with teens that have infrequent family dinners. 1A-busy with electronics; more likely to use tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol.

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