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Describe users and usage, conduct various types of usability assessments, including situated co-inquiry, and make recommendations for improvements to the system. Usability is not just ease of use, but more importantly, usefulness.

Include the following in the report:

  1. An executive summary. Outline the purpose, the methods used, list the recommendations, and the next steps.
  2. A very brief introduction outlining the purpose, scope of the evaluation, user and usage descriptions (this is of all potential users and usages).
  3. What you did, where, who, why.
  4. Findings. Positive aspects. Negative aspects. With evidence, eg, quotes from users.
  5. Recommendations. Each recommendation with justification.
  6. Updated descriptions of all the different types of users and uses.
  7. Next steps. What further evaluations are required in order for the assessment of the system to be complete. What further evaluations are required to test each recommendation. What are the possible ramifications of implementation of your recommendations (eg there may be tradeoffs).
  8. Appendices. Any relevant information needed to better understand the above.

Typically, the report will be from 12 to 20 pages in length

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Executive summary: Usability testing is the process where the activity and the purposes by different activity get fulfilled. While analysis the collection of relatable data considered as database that is the most common sort of thing in computer and the user need to understand the entire process (van der Weegen et al. 2014). Computer being a strong mechanism help to keep logical, persistent and relevant data that is necessary to use in future for further development of information and other things. Brief introduction with purpose, scope of the evaluation and usability description: Usability testing when includes with database then it produce collection of data as it is large so it keeps under secondary storage devices for future purpose and help. A collection of operating system files get maintained by the database and data base management system is the essential thing in collaborating such things properly. The main purpose of using database are keeping up data independence and well-organized access, the development time get reduced, data can be stored with security and data integrity will maintained, proper administration of data, recovery of data in time (Kernot et al. 2014). Data storage and representation of data completely depends on the database applications.

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