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Instructions: To complete this task and assessment requirements for this unit of study, you will submit the final draft of the essay that builds on the work you completed in SWTs 1- -?4. You should respond to the feedback given by your tutor and deliver a well- organized, clear and interesting essay that sets out to examine the evidence for and against a certain aspect of the topic you have chosen. You will use your rhetorical analysis to critique the sources on either side of the argument, and meet all of the following requirements:     

1. Include a question title. 

2. Include a clearly articulated thesis that indicates which argument you support.

3. Include an introduction that hooks your reader, and introduces your topic and the issues in dispute.

4. Devote each body paragraph to a single topic, which is reflected in the topic sentence.

5. Connect your paragraph with transitional ties.

6. Use at least 6 academic sources. (You may use some non--?academic sources but they must be additional to the 6 academic sources).

7. Demonstrate critical engagement with source material.

8. Demonstrate arrangement strategies discussed in the course.

9. Include accurate citations using (APA, MLA or CMS) and a bibliography that follows the convention of the style you have chosen.

10. Include the page numbers of source material for all specific information that is not general knowledge, whether it is in the form of a direct quote, a paraphrase, or a summary.     

Word Length: Try not to exceed a 10% variance but, if your final draft exceeds 1650 words in total (excluding the bibliography), you should consult your marker/tutor about what to do

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Employee communication highlights the sharing of ideas and information. In this competitive business world, information exchange is essential among employees to develop team performance effectively. mentioned by Derks, Mierlo & Schmitz (2014), Smartphone helps the employees of different departments to communicate with each other beyond only voice call feature that normal cell phones provide. Smartphone contribute in identifying the competencies of the employees and assigning jobs to them accordingly which helps in employee productivity and engagement.

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