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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Collective Behaviour

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

The intention of this short assignment is to make you aware of the range of material studied in the area and to aid you in development of your research paper. You can continue working on ideas for your papers before it is returned. As a stage in the investigation of the literature on your topic, you may find that you are modiffing or changing your topic. You may use the first person to express yourself if you wish. All assignments should include an overview sentence stating why you see this topic as an instance of collective behavior.

This is an initial step in producing an ultimate paper. You do not need to stay with this topic, or to get approval if you change it, but this should familiarize you with some of the issues studied in the field and help you to define your interests.


No late papers will be accepted. Professor McCauley will be collecting your papers at the start of class. You are welcome to email me if you have questions about your assignment before you hand it in.

For this assignment:

h) State your potential topic for your paper. b) Identiff your problem (as discussed in class). This involves identifying the broad question you are asking in your work. State your problem as an actual question at the beginning of your assignment. I c) Include TWO annotated references of academic articles or books. Your final academic research. The bibliography for your final paper will require at least six sources that are outside ofcourse readings, and three course readings. Each source must be annotated; that is, it must be followed by a short paragraph I ttrat describe the article or book (or chapter) and why you find it potentially useful I for your paper research. Each one should include a few sentences describing the ( author's research. This means you will either have to consult these sources or locate dstracts for them. You can access research librarians online or in person for help. d) Do not use course readings for this particular assignment. The point is for you to do some original research on your own and investigate the body of literature in collective behavior. You can look in the bibliographies of course readings for possible sources. e) Grammar and spelling do, of course, matter for this exercise. f) You of course need full bibliographic information. Your bibliography should conform to APA style (found on York library website_

Academic sources directly related to some very specific topics will not be readily available.In those cases, academic articles on more general or similar or related themes must be presented. The length for most will be between 300 and 500 words.

Papers should be 1250-1400 words long (double-spaced, 250 words per page) not including the bibliography). Length will vary somewhat according to the  oil Oat cited and the nature of you paper. The bibliography should include five references or more, most of which should be academic references. (Again, the number will vary somewhat according to topic). In addition, you need to refer to two course references in your work.

Your paper should address several questions about the area. Most importantly, how is

your problem an instance of collective behaviour? What is your research question?

(Remember, you do not what to just report on your topic, but analyze it sociologically).

What theory or theories are appropriate to discuss it? How is the group you discuss

established and maintained? Who are its leaders and how do they emerge? How can

you discuss the issues of rationality and irrationally of the behavior that is discussed in

your paper? What kind of attachment to the group do the participants have? (These are

only examples, but you need to discuss your paper in relation to the field of collective

behaviour. You should think of your own questions that you want to ask).


Your paper should open with a discussion of the literature you have found which relates

to your topic. lf you do not find a lot on your particular topic then research a broader

area. For instance, if you do not find material about a particular kind celebration you can

open it up to a discussion of celebratory collectives in general.


Then note the relevant theory or theories for your problem. Discuss how they relate to

your particular examples. Use direct quotes whenever they are useful.


In your conclusion, discuss what is revealed by this particular example of collectivebehavior.

Papers must be written in proper grammatical form or this will count against your mark.       

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