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Literature Review

1. Literature on best strategic information systems practices perceived to be applicable to the case organization (e-commerce-logistics). This may include Planning the IS planning process (i.e. strategic awareness), determining key planning issues, defining planning objectives, organizing the planning team(s) and obtaining top management commitment etc )

2. Review industry best practice models where available (competence amazon-eBay etc)

3. Develop a conceptual model of the key factors or theories to consider when developing your strategic information systems plan.

4. Outline of review methodology to gather project data

5. Summary

6. References

Write within 800words in Harvard reference style.

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Information System is concerned with delivering accurate facts about the business activities to the destined delegates for the smooth running of the organization. The logistics in the business operation operates across a diverse field of business activities to reach the potential customers in a deemed way. The target market is essentially informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the specific information system to implement it in the current business models. E-commerce business module is supporting the logistics of the chain management to lead insights of byproducts in a deemed way (McKinnon et al. 2015). The planning team consists of strategic advisor within the regulatory authority of the firm to delegate system data within the framework of the firm. The segregation technique forms the essence of business formation by catering all the database information of the organization framework through the usage of different software’s as a means of e-commerce logistic operation in the company (Hohenstein, Feisel, Hartmann, 2015). The planning team is organized on the basis of the skill set of the individual delegates to conform to forecast the potential threats of the organization in advance. . It also helps in understanding the potential suppliers and distributors of a business and establishing a formal relationship with them to yield a cost effective solution to the business.

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