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1Q-Central Asia has economic problems because they are too dependent on_____.

2Q-Central Asian countries became independent countries when the Soviet Union collapsed in_______.

3Q-Since the end of the ______ rule, things have improved for women in Afghanistan.

4Q-Central Asia's focus on cotton has kept them from developing______.

5Q-Pakistan had fought with India since the partition in________.

6Q-After India's independence, the Muslims and ______ could not get along.

7Q-India is the ______ most populated country in the world.

8Q-Religion most Indians practice.

9Q-Bangkok is the capital of_______.

10Q-Malaysia is on the southern end of Malay Peninsula and the northern part of_______.

11Q-Earth's second largest island______.

12Q-Most important river on the mainland Southeast Asia_______.

13Q-More people live in Chine than all of ______, Russia, and the United States combined.

14Q-Percent of China that is good for farming_______.

15Q-In 1949, the communists took over China with______ as their leader.

16Q-Fertile, yellowish soil_______.

17Q-Japan is subject to natural disasters like volcanoes and_______.

18Q-Center of Japan's banking and communication centers_______.

19Q-North Korea's government_________.

20Q-Part of the Japanese writing system that has characters that represent whole words_______.

21Q-Iranians are not Arabs, but mostly________.

22Q-One of the Arabian's Peninsula's two most valuable resources_______.

23Q-Iran elected a president (Ahmadinejad) who wants to continue to follow strict _______ law.


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1Q-Central Asia has economic problems because they are too dependent on_____. 1A-Cotton

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