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Analysis of Labor Market Conditions

Write a report on current labor market conditions.  Your research can reflect your personal interests.  For example, if you are hoping to be a chef in US, gather information and construct a story that reflects this. You are welcome to choose ANY occupation you’re interested in. (Interested in Nursing, Science Teacher- biology, however you could use any other)

Give careful consideration to how you convey the data to your reader.  What is the best and most effective way to share the information you gather with your reader? Would a table/chart/graph be more effective?  If a table/chart/graph is used, what information does your reader need to hear most?  How will you edit the data to construct the best story? Use of charts/tables is highly recommended.

 Generally, your report is a presentation of available information, but as the author, you should provide an interpretation of the data for your reader.  What do you want your reader to walk away with?  How will you present information to support your thesis?

Your analysis should include:

  • Labor force participation rates
  • Unemployment rates
  • Examination of an occupation
    • Salary and benefits information
    • Education and skill requirements
    • Work conditions
    • Occupational outlook

Additional areas you could explore to support your analysis:

  • Hours of work or leisure
  • Union membership
  • Differences by identity (race, gender, etc.)
  • Job growth/loss
  • Industry
  • Layoff/strikes/lockouts
  • Cost of living and salary comparisons

You should have 500-750 words, excluding your bibliography

 You should use proper in-text citation as well as include a bibliography.  You may use a style of citation that you are comfortable with (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

All data whether in-text or in a table/chart/graph needs citation information.  It is considered best practice (i.e., more credible) to construct your own from original sources, rather than cutting and pasting.  For example, if you find a table from a news article that cites the BLS, then you should gather the data from the BLS and reference the news article in your discussion of the meaning of the table. 



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This report is written to assess the labor market condition in USA with respect to my interest which is to become restaurant manager at USA hotel industry. The analysis will contain detailed job requirements for the same.

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