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Product Code:Management-PH-250

 15310 Scope and Integration Management

Pre-workshop Assignment:

Project description

You are part of a project team that has been asked to organize a student excursion to New York, USA, in Autumn 2019. Your task is to prepare a Work Breakdown Structure to make sure that everything that needs to be done in order to achieve this will be addressed by your project team.

The project team will be responsible for the following: advertising the trip to students at this university, recruiting participants, briefing participants, providing advice on visas, organizing accommodation in New York, arranging transport. The program of activities in New York will be arranged by a team at Colombia University, New York City. However, you will have to liaise with the team from Colombia University.


1. Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). There are several approaches to constructing a WBS. All WBS define project deliverables. However you can arrange the WBS to suit the project. For example, you might choose a deliverables-based approach, a product-based approach, a phase-based, a combination of these approaches, etc. etc). The WBS is fundamental to planning and managing the scope, schedule and budget, communications and human resources for the trip.


2. Discuss the merits and the disadvantages of the approach to constructing the WBS that you have chosen in terms of its suitability for this kind of project.


Examples: The image on the left above illustrates a phase-based approach. Note the useful numbers on the image to the left. The image on the right illustrated a product-based approach

Word length:

1000 words of discussion. Plan your assignment carefully to avoid repetition or “waffle”. Diagrams are not included in the word count. 15310 Pre-workshop Assignment instructions: Page 2/3



• You need to think carefully about this and decide what your team can be responsible for. In constructing a WBS decisions must be made about procurement, risk and available human resources. For example, what assumptions can you make about the skills of people in the student team who will be managing this with you. Will you outsource all the travel arrangements to a travel agent, or will your team arrange all or part of the travel. (e.g. getting the students from the airport to their hotel in NY and on return)? These kinds of decisions will affect the number of activities in your WBS and will influence cost and your ability to control the quality.

• Using sticky notes brain storm all the activities that will be needed to manage the trip.

• Choose an approach to constructing a WBS (e.g. phase-based, product-based, combination and arrange the sticky notes under headings.

• In your discussion clearly state the decisions you have made about procurement, where you anticipate risks and how you will manage them. For example, if some of your team are inexperienced you might need to break down some activities into simple tasks that can be monitored.

• Discuss reasons for your choice of WBS and explain why this approach is more appropriate to this project compared with other possible approaches.


References and citations:

This is a post-graduate university paper and therefore all statements or assertions must be supported by citations from relevant textbooks, journal articles, course notes and/or experience in practice. Citations should refer to a list of references at the rear of the document according to UTS standards. Refer to marking criteria.

Marking Criteria:

The assignment will be marked according to the following criteria:


Application of Tools

Is the Work Breakdown Structure developed in sufficient detail to demonstrate a solid understanding of the approach nominated? Does the Work Breakdown Structures demonstrate sufficient understanding of application of the tool? Does the Work Breakdown Structures demonstrate a level of understanding of the requirements of the project that is consistent with the amount of information provided about the project and your decisions regarding procurement, risk and available human resources?


Selection of literature to support

Have sufficient references from the academic literature been found to support your choice of approach? Are references selected from credible sources (such as peer reviewed journals, rather than sampled from the internet)? Are all references pertinent to the central discussion (as opposed to simply being dropped into the document)?


Comparison of approaches

To what degree are available approaches compared and contrasted? Does the work consider other approaches and explain clearly why you have chosen this approach over others? Does the work critically engage with the problem, instead of simply summarising or describing?


Critical analysis and credibility

Is your chosen approach to constructing the WBS explained in a convincing manner? Have you anticipated and deflected other possible approaches to constructing the WBS, based on your understanding of the risks associated with the project? Is the discussion free from errors in logic (such as poor organisation, unsupported assertions, and generalisations)? Is the reader able to agree unreservedly with your conclusions? Is the reader convinced that you have considered the project carefully and that you have constructed a WBS in full consideration of the risks, procurement decisions, available human resources (project team capability), costs and time frame (such as potential delays). 15310 Pre-workshop Assignment instructions: Page 3/3



Up to 10% of the total mark will be taken off for poor referencing. References should be presented in the Harvard UTS style. Details of how to do this can be found at http://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/referencing/harvard-uts-referencing-guide.

All quotes must be enclosed by inverted commas and include the page number of the source you quote from.

Summary and paraphrasing:

Up to 10% of the total mark will be taken off for poor paraphrasing or summary of others’ work. Changing a few words of the original author’s text does not count as appropriate paraphrasing.

Guides to assist with writing:

The library has an excellent series of guides available at http://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/study-skills/writing-reading-speaking.


Submit your assignment through as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file only.

Late submission penalties:

Late penalties will apply in accordance with UTS policy which can be found in the Subject Information folder on UTS online.

Download Questions

Planning an excursion is not an easy task, let alone be planning it with a bunch of college guys. On such excursions, you cannot expect discipline from the students and the organizing committee has to arrange every aspect of the trip. This work breakdown structure is made for the excursion to New York, USA, in Autumn 2019. The two major milestones are to advertise the trip and after collecting the students look for accommodation and transportation in New York.

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