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Project 4

Option 1:  Working alone – This option can earn you up to 110%

  • Pick from the list of hypothesis testing, complete a TYPEDreport of the process and the results and turn in to me on the day of the final exam. You should have proof of how you collected your data (signatures, pictures of the collection, etc.)   You are required, however, to stay for the showing of the videos.  You leave early, points will be taken off your project. I will have a sign out sheet at the end of the exam.

Option 2:  Working in a group of no more than three students – This option can earn you up to 100%

  • Pick from the list of hypothesis testing, complete a VIDEO that proves you went through the data collection and how you came up with your results (can film all of you discussing it in a study/class room.  But it must show every step of the hypothesis testing process and EVERY member of the team must contribute.  I will want to see each member of the group in the video showing that they contributed and they understood the results as well asaTYPEDreport is also required to be turned in.    On the day of the final exam, you will come in and present your video in front of the class.  Typically students will post it on YouTube and just bring it up on the screen.  Please no more than 10-15 minutes in total for the video so we can get through them all on the day of the final exam.


Below are simply the “basics” of your boss has come to you and has asked you the following questions.  You are given NO other information. So you need to go through the entire process of

  1. Picking your level of significance and clearly stating why you chose the value based on Type I errors.
  2. Finding your sample size, using the sample size formula and clearing stating all the pieces that you entered (up to you to decide on your error)
  3. Discussing how you collected your data and how you ensured it was a represented sample (ex. Different times, different locations, etc.)
  4. Go through each of the steps of the hypothesis testing process and clearly define them in your paper as well as your video (if you chose to do the video).


Test to choose from with a single population

  1. Proportion of students that prefer Snap chat to all other social media
  2. Do business majors that commute to class commute longer than 30 minutes?
  3. Average waiting time at the JPL food court to get your food and pay is typically 15 minutes.
  4. Proportion of a particular color (you decide BEFORE collecting data) vehicle in the UTSA parking lot is greater than any other color.

Test to choose from two populations (BONUS +10 points)

  1. Proportion of students that prefer SnapChat to Instagram
  2. Do more engineering majors live on campus than business majors.  (Might require you to hang out in the engineering building…I know scary!)
  3. The average waiting time at the JPL for Subway is longer than the Subway in front of the UC.

Your own interested test (BONUS +15 POINTS)

Have you ever been interested in something on your own?  Come up with your own TWO population test. This will take a little more explaining of why your interest in the test.

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