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The mid-term essay will consist of Research plan, Research problem and Research Design.

The research question is "how does ALEP meeting help china and Australia develop their economics".

Research problem include background to the problem that interests you as well as your questions.

Research design is how you plan to answer your research question: method or sources of references, divisions of your research report etc.

Write an essay which must not be over 1000words excluding references and appendices in APA reference style.

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The essay is prepared discussing the development of Australian and Chinese economies after ALEP meeting between the two countries. The meeting was very helpful to both the countries in boosting and developing the nation growth. The relationship between China and Australia is a strong bond of trade. Globally, China is the largest trading partner of the Australia.Australia is now expanding its exports beyond the resources sector to China. Australia and China can work together on a few basic issues of significance to worldwide administration. Australia can possibly build its impact with China, aside from additionally developing the respective monetary participation through the recently embraced organized commerce understanding. China– Australia Free Trade Agreement was a success after the Chinese president visit to Australia in 2014 (He Fan, 2014). The Australians has earned profit of nearly AUD 2 billion (USD 1.8 billion) in a year.

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