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Title:  The Persona Mask

Proposal for Paper:

Topic: Individuals Mask in Different Social Environment


For the purpose of this assignment I will define Erving Goffman’s Presentation of Self in Everyday life” and why he studies human interaction and their different roles in society.  I will use analogies to show some of the impact these different roles have on individuals/s and society on a hold.  I intend to obtain scholarly articles from the internet, books, journals, TV and social media as my source to support my theory in my research paper.


For my thesis I will state to the reader my position and what systematic evidence are there to prove that individuals put on mask in different social environment and describe how the persona mask represent a conception we have formed or ourselves.  As well as showing how the paper will prove both sides of ideas of wearing a persona mask.

Body/ Background/Examples:

Firstly, I will look if persona mask as a history of origin, and how people have adapt this behavior.  Then I would review the reason why persona mask has been widely used throughout society, and what caused the spread online, reality tv show, and if there is any boundary.  Also, there will be examples and assumptions given of persona mask.  Moreover, I will provide analysis of persona mask and give rationale. 

Secondly, I will use interesting facts showcasing short synapse of dramaturgy key players’ using persona mask in different social environment.  These synapses will provide examples.  Some of these short synapse are as follows:

Liam Bellingham & Ana C. Violoncellos of Sheffield Hall am University, UK writes, “The presentation of self in the online world”.  This deals with online expression and how individual re-create themselves in different roles by “dividing the self, comforming and fitting in and masking their offline self online”. 

Emmanuelle Vast, “Playing with Mask” explained how people masked images of their online profile by creating a persona that fooled other and manipulate themselves in a virtual environment. For example “Jack” presented himself as “Joan”, a disable women on CompuServe, Stone, Van Gilder, Whitley and 25 years later Lonely girl”. 

Keith Oakley, stated in in a film “the face of humanity”, Alma took care of Elizabeth and confide in her, however; Elizabeth give Alma the impression that she was with her.  Nonetheless, Elizabeth wrote a letter to her psychiatrist revealing everything Alma had told her.  Knowing the, Alma broke a glass and leave a piece purposely.  Thus, Elizabeth got injured by the broken glass, but letting the people know that she knew it was Alma who had left the broken glass there purposely. 

Thirdly, I will specifically explain problems about persona mask in chronological order, and what sociologist, psychologist and other major theorist views about persona mask.

Lastly, for the conclusion, I will restate my thesis and the background statement and provide an analysis for the persona mask and solution along with closing argument.

Product code: Thesis-QA212


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“All the world’s a stage” – Shakespeare (Olsson, 2010)seemed wise enough to know how the world functioned, even in those days. Nothing seems to have changed today, however. Despite all the technological advancements in the world, and various views on social skills and the development of “soft skills”(Heckman & Kautz, 2012), there is a constant inflow of people and situations within which social norms require us to present different versions of ourselves – what in this paper we shall call “masks” or “personas.”

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