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Word limit:100words

Introduction : 100 words

Topic-Compare and contrast study in overseas and locally

  1. structure?


       Body paragraphs


  1. Each body paragraph with 1 main idea, and there should be no argument in each main idea, you just need to provide one similarity and one difference in each body paragraph.
  2. Use 4 references?the reference format has given.
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Education is an integral part of an individual’s life as well as that of the society. It not only helps a student to enhance their skills and expertise but broadens the scope of an individual’s learning as well. However, while choosing the institution or the location of the place of education, students are faced with difficulty and find it hard to decide whether to pursue their education locally or abroad. In this regard, attempts have been made in the study to present an overview of the pros and cons of pursuing study in abroad or locally as desired by students.

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