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Write an assignment within 650 words in APA reference style on the topic “Tourism as a tool for development”

Tourism as a tool for development

With particular reference to the relationship between cuisine and cultural heritage, in what ways can agriculture - tourism linkages ("farm-to- table") create opportunities for both producers (host nationals) and consumers (tourist)?

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Two of the most productive sectors tourism and Agriculture have seemed to offer greatest opportunities to the growth and development of economy (Beckford et al.,2013). In order to include the growth in economy in that particular region and thereby associating the linkages between the two sectors, cuisine and cultural heritage plays crucial role as in case of Hawaii, Samoa. The higher the agricultural shall be linked to the tourism industry the more beneficial it is for the producers as well as the tourists (Counihan, 2016). This is because producers will achieve the Fame and popularity through their phenomenal performance in productivity of crops and agro products

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