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Write an essay of maximum 1200 words from one of the following topics:


  1. Alexander Murphy (2004) said that “who we are is shaped in part by where we are”.  Using the four key concepts in modern geography: Space, Place, Environment and Scale, explain Murphy’s comment. Show how these concepts interlink.  Apply your theoretical discussion to a tourist visiting Lichtenstein.
  2. A place, in practise, is made up of the concepts materiality, practices, institutions and representations.  Explain each of these concepts and how they contribute to ‘Sense of Place’.  Apply your theoretical discussion using the Week 10 field trip research, as an example.
  3. Over time, urban spaces can become disused, derelict, and unattractive.  Using Butler’s (1980) Tourism Area Life Cycle, explain this possible occurrence.  Explain at which stage urban renewal would take place. Discuss three main trends that drive urban renewal.  Apply your theoretical discussion using the Week 10 field trip research, as an example.
  4. That tourism and hospitality precincts will change in the future is a certainty.  The most visual change will be structural change.  Identify and explain the four concepts of structural change, linking each concept to a world-famous tourist, restaurant or hotel precinct example.
  5. One of the primary roles of a tourism precinct is to attract tourists.  Getz’s (1993) Tourism Business District model identifies three special roles: CBD functions, essential services and core attractions.  Briefly discuss each of these roles.  Explain how they integrate with each other.  Apply your theoretical discussion using the Week 10 field trip research, as an example.
  6. Globalisation and politics have influenced access to tourism and hospitality places. Explain the theoretical meaning of “access” and link this meaning to the influences of globalisation and politics.  Apply your theoretical discussion to a controversial tourism precinct development.
  7. Planning tourism precincts should involve at least six stakeholder groups with the aim of minimising planning errors.  Identify the six stakeholder groups and explain their contribution in the planning process. Discuss two possible conflicts of interest between stakeholder groups.  Apply your theoretical discussion using the Week 10 field trip research, as an example.
  8. When destination management stakeholders consider urban renewal planning, it is important to develop the concepts of accessibility, ‘sense of place’ and place branding.Discuss two (2) rejuvenation strategies and show how they develop the three concepts. Apply your theoretical discussion using the Week 10 field trip research, as an example.
  9. To enable strategic planning, tourist destinations need to understand the behaviour of tourists at the destination. One key theory to guide this understanding is the Influences of Consumer behaviour.  Briefly explain each of the influence categories.  Choose two (2) and further develop the explanation linking it to how it will impact tourism destination planning from the tourist perspective.  Apply your theoretical discussion using the Week 10 field trip research, as an example.

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Today, the global tourism market has become increasingly competitive by nature and each destination has to create some kind of differentiation in order to gain competitive advantage. People may say that the landscape of the place, unique cultural heritage, best attraction and the people who are there in a particular place are the most important differentiator with respect to tourism. Modern critics although, are of the opinion that such a thing is not true with respect to tourism industry (Hudson & Ritchie, 2009). The differentiations that are mentioned before, no longer have any validity in the modern world and if in this modern world the destination had to make their different from the others and have to attract tourists then they would have to focus on the reduction of the substitutability. Destination brand helps in building the core values of the destination as well as the brand. Therefore, in this stage it is important to consider the relevance of the tourist destination, and the way the destination is compared with the other key competitors that are there. Therefore, in case of this particular stage or step both the views of the stakeholders and the non-visitors are taken into consideration (Darcy & Dickson, 2009). The core value of a place could be easily created with the help of the accessibility that refers to the means or the opportunities that are available to either travel to or move around a particular tourism place without much hassle.

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